Keto diet is a diet which contains a high amount of fiber and protein, and sometimes you may find it challenging to stick on a Keto diet. Keto diet is the best way to burn your excess body fat and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All the excessive amount of the bad fat will remove from your body and the reason behind is that when following low carbs diet then your liver forms high ketones, and allow the fat to burn quickly in the form of the fatty acids?

If you want to go for the Keto diet, then you are in the right place as you will get to know about the best Keto lunch ideas. If you go through all the ideas carefully, then you will be able to stick on a perfect diet.

  1. Zucchini crust grilled cheese

Zucchini is bread, free from carbs and made with the addition of the parmesan and mozzarella and cheddar is also added in the middle of it. You can easily add veggies in it so that you won’t miss any of the best sources of fiber and protein.

  1. Keto chicken Enchilada

When you are going for a Keto diet, you can add cauliflower with rice topped with some of avocado, chicken slices, and you can also add cheese if you want more taste to it. You can have the best combination of the carbs free diet.

  1. Loaded chicken salad

It is a salad made from the golden brown chicken, and it is lightly grilled. The salad also has avocado chunks and mozzarella cheese to give you the best protein diet and you can eat it in cooked and raw form. You can also add some veggies to it and the best time to eat the dish is in the afternoon. All these qualities of the dish made it come in the best Keto lunch ideas.

  1. Salad with cauliflower

You know that being on a diet is so hard to maintain, but the recipe of the dish is the best you can cook for you without spending more money on different items. All the items for making it can be easily available in your kitchen, and they are nuts, olive oil, avocado, and roasted cauliflower with or without green leaves. When you mix all the items for cooking, then you get the best salad to be eaten in lunch.

  1. Sesame salmon

While preparing this dish, you need to spend 30 minutes on it as the salmon took time to get cooked. Sesame salmon is one of the best Keto lunch ideas as you can store the dish for four days and the veggies and the salmon taste even well after passing each day.

  1. Avocado salad

You can easily cook the salad in only 5 minutes, and if you want to add butter, then it is your choice. More amounts of veggies can be used for dressing. You can also add some spices to it to make it even better.

  1. Caprese tuna salad

The salad is coated in the balsamic vinegar, and it is inspired by the Italian tuna salad. The best part about the salad is that it is covered in tomatoes with veggies and it is the best option for the low carbs diet and hence makes it one of the best Keto lunch ideas.

  1. Caprese eggplant

This is a new style of the dish as it adds more veggies which give an original look and it contains large slices of the eggplant which replaces the loaf of bread and add a classic mozzarella, tomato, and basil with the plant. You can also serve the dish with the garlic and cream.

  1. Avocado and salmon rolls

The dish is simple to make as you have to take the rice out of the roll and then add avocado, salmon, and cucumber in the sushi rolls.

  1. Cinnamon pork chops

The chops are best to be eaten in the dinner and think that you will be eating the best combination of the pork chops and apples. It can be easily made, and you may be thinking that Apple is Keto friendly or not. When you make the dish squashing with cinnamon, then it will make the recipe worth trying. This will be great Keto lunch ideas for an awesome meal.

  1. Spinach mozzarella burgers

You will never know that you can be able to eat a burger for your Keto diet. You have to add greens and cheese in the beef patty and it when you will eat it then you will forget other burgers.

  1. Kimchi ahi poke

It is the best diet which contains a lot of good fat, and it is also a well known  pro biotic-rich food. It includes fermented cabbage mixed with tuna, avocado, and mayo to make it a portion of proper food for the lunch.

  1. Mexican meatza

If you love to eat Mexican, then it is the best option for you but make sure that you need to put the food items in low carbs while cooking. It is just like a pizza, and you don’t feel like you are on a Keto diet. The dish has a crust made with the ground beef, cauliflower and you can also add avocado for healthy fats.

  1. Keto egg salad

The dish contains high content in good fat and protein, and the fatty acids of the meal are also good for your heart. It is a good egg salad, and you can also use the cream as the toppings. As it is rich in high protein, so it is chosen as one of the best Keto lunch ideas.

  1. Cauliflower rice

The rice is made from just three items, and they are cream, cheese, and rice with added cauliflower. Cheese and cream are only for the toppings which cover the rice.

These all are the best Keto lunch ideas which you can use to follow your diet plan easily, and all the dishes are rich in protein, fibre, and good quality fats.