It is better to focus on burning fat, rather than losing weight. By shifting attention to diet regimens, workout programs and foods that burn fat you can greatly reduce your body-fat percentage without having to slow down your metabolism or lose muscle.

When designing your diet, you should avoid focusing only on your caloric intake. You should rather consider how food affects your body. For example, consuming foods rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, will result in lower insulin levels after eating. a higher level of Insulin will prompt your body to switch to a fat-storing mode, and this causes your metabolism to decrease. Eating the right foods can Keep your insulin levels low and lower insulin levels boosts metabolism, and this increase in metabolism stimulates your body to burn fat instead of storing it.

We will now discuss some of the best and most efficient fat burning foods. You should incorporate as many of these foods that burn fat as possible into your diet program and you’ll be sure to start seeing some results in no time:


You may have heard about omega-3 fatty acids and how good they are, and it’s true. Fishes such as mackerel, sardines and salmon do have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. When you incorporate any of these fishes into your diet, you can expect the omega-3 fatty acids to act by lowering your body’s cortisol levels while at the-same time increasing the leptin levels. The combination of these two actions greatly enhances your body’s fat burning ability. What’s more you will still reap the-same benefits from taking the fish oil supplements if you are averse to eating fish.



Regular consumption of coffee during your work day and especially before exercising can help you shed more fat. Coffee does contain high levels of caffeine that increases your heart-rate and stimulates the nervous system thereby helping you shed more fat.
This is in addition to the fact that caffeine is a natural stimulant that increases your energy levels causing you to work more intensely for longer before becoming tired. By enabling you to push your workout sessions to the limit, taking coffee will contribute a lot towards your efforts to burn more fat.


Yogurt is one of the foods that burn fat because of its many benefits. For one, it is highly proteineous. This is beneficial because it cause you to feel full for an extended period after eating, preventing the urge to snack unnecessarily. To obtain the maximum benefit, you should opt for Greek yogurt because of it’s higher protein content.

Another benefit of Yogurt is that it populates the gut with a lot of beneficial bacteria. This results in better digestion, and allows you to get more nutrients from food intake while at the same time reducing bloating and other types of digestive discomfort.

Lastly, yogurt is rich in calcium. A lot of studies have shown that a correlation exists between calcium and fat loss. From findings of these researchers, people who were overweight and increased their intake of calcium witnessed a startling jump in their body’s ability to shed fat.


Eating the best fat burning foods will greatly enhance your efforts to reach your weight-loss goals. The best part is, by choosing to focus on burning fat instead of losing weight, you are sure to become lean and well-toned without having to lose muscle.