When trying to create a healthy dieting guide I know from my own experience what it takes to lose about 10 pounds in just two weeks.

Most normal people cannot afford a nutritionist or a personal trainer. Many people do want to lose weight especially after the holidays. Today I’m going to give you a weight loss guide in the form of 10 tips that can help you achieve your weight loss goals


  1. Get out a pad of paper and write down a specific goal. You must create a specific goal for your weight loss right down how much weight you want to lose and pick a date that you want to lose it. Please be real. Losing 20 to 30 pounds in a month is at the far upper limits of your capabilities. It might sound pretty dumb but for some reason when I did this I hit my goal and beat it by a lot.
  2. If you are only eating two to three small meals a day you need to stop. You must be four to six smaller meals. The reason why it you must do this is that it speeds up your metabolism.
  3. You must eat only whole-grain cards: these include pasta, wheat bread, and brown rice. Take the flour out of your diet.
  4. Replace everything you drink with was just water. Maybe a cup of coffee or tea per day is fine. You want to try to consume half your body weight in ounces of water.
  5. In the four to six meals that you consume include two of those meals with the green vegetable such as broccoli, cauliflower, or spinach etc.
  6. Cut out as much sugar in your diet is humanly possible. Sugar is one of the hardest and biggest problem for most people.
  7. Snack like a very skinny individual. This might include salary, granola, broccoli, etc.
  8. Also watch your sodium intake. Read the labels on your food. Most people take into way too much sodium in their diet.
  9. If you are physically able to exercise, do it! This certainly does not have to do with eating, but it is very important, nonetheless.
  10. One of the most important tips I can recommend is that you only need to be 80% full. This means you have to discipline yourself to stop eating when you are about 80% full. This one has probably helped me more than any other tip I’ve given. This will take some practice you have to learn to ease slower but the benefits are substantial.

Well there you have it. If you integrate all of these healthy tips into your eating guide you’ll probably notice weight loss within your first week. It worked for me. I wish everyone good luck with their weight loss plan.