When your body tries to burn the body fat rather than glucose to form energy, then this metabolic state is known as ketosis. Your body prefers to use glucose to make energy from protein and fat. Glucose is a level of sugar which comes from the carbohydrates. The main reason to burn glucose is that it does not require more steps to form energy. Instead of that, your body prefers to repair and build tissues from using protein and fat.

Your body starts to use glucose reserves, which are stored in the muscles and the liver when you stop eating carbohydrates. When it uses all the glucose reserves, then your body forms energy by burning fat. As not all the fat can be used to produce energy and the body also convert some of them to make a fuel named ketones.

Sometimes you will think about how to get into ketosis to burn fat. As discussed earlier it is a metabolic process, and you can attain it by eating a low amount of carbs and or eat nothing at all then your body starts to burn more amount of body fat to form energy.

There are three types of acidic molecules present in your liver, which you may be called ketones. It is the best thing your body has as it gives energy to you when you are starving.

If you achieve the state of ketosis, then it will be good for your health, and it also helps you in losing weight quickly. A lot of researches find that ketosis is helpful for the diabetic patient.  If you want to go for ketosis, then you need to follow some of the basic diet plan and these upcoming essential points.


Try to minimize the intake of the carbs

It is an essential part to achieve the state of the ketosis by eating low carbohydrates diet. In general, the cells of your body use glucose as the primary source of your energy. Sometimes, there are other cells which use another source of fuel for energy, and it includes ketones.

As discussed earlier, the glycogen in the body stores glucose in muscles and liver, and when you take the carbs in low amount, then the store glycogen in your body reduces. After this, it will release stored fat from your body in the form of fatty acids.

When some of the fatty acids are converted into ketone from the liver, and then these ketones are used by some of the parts of the brain.

Before going on a low carbs diet, you must consult a doctor about the number of carbs your body needs per day. In general, the normal amount of daily carbs intake is 20 grams per day. When you follow this, then you will know how to get into ketosis.

Your diet must contain coconut oil

When you add coconut oil in your diet, then it will help you to get ketosis as it contains medium chain triglycerides fats. The fat is different from all other fats as it quickly absorbed by the liver, and then it directly converts it to form energy.

Consuming coconut oil is better for those people who are suffering from Alzheimer disease, and the professional also suggests adding coconut oil as it increases the levels of the ketones in the body.

There are several studies which suggest adding the coconut oil in your diet slowly as sometimes you may feel stomach cramping. It is best to start with one tablespoon per and increase it gradually.

Do exercise daily

It is the best way to know how to get into ketosis as when you do exercise daily, and then your body tries to make yourself active. Your body works to deplete the stored glycogen, and if you decrease the consumption of the carbs, then your body increases the production of the ketones, which will burn all the fatty acids to give you energy.

When you do exercise daily before taking a meal, then your body forms the ketones levels more than 150%. You need to make sure that it will take 3-4 weeks for your body to adapt to ketosis.

Consuming healthy fats

If you consume healthy fats in your regular diet, then the levels of ketones will be boosted, and you will easily reach ketosis. When you combine both the low carbs and healthy fat in your diet, then it will be the best combination to go for ketosis. Generally, you will find that a healthy ketogenic diet contains more than 80% of the healthy fat.

When you know how to get into ketosis, and then you will ask a question of which will be the best healthy fat for your body. In my opinion, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and tallow are the best fat for your body.

Fat fast or short fast

It is another way to get into ketosis, you to need to go on fat for a day or server hours. It means that you don’t have to eat anything which contains carbs, sugars, and fats.  It will help to get into ketosis even in a faster way.

Proper protein intake

To attain ketosis, it is necessary to take protein which provides energy to muscles properly. You must remember that you don’t have to go for the high protein intake as it will make you weak and if you want to go for it, then you should know how to get into ketosis.

It is necessary as all the cells of your body do not take energy from the glucose as they need other sources for obtaining it. When you are losing weight, then it is essential for you to intake the high amount of protein to give the proper amount of energy they need and if you don’t do this, then you will feel low.

These all are the factors to be considered to know how to get into ketosis in a fast way.

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