It is easy to get totally lost in the world of pre-workout supplements, with new ‘next big thing’ products hitting the market every other day. Today we delve deep into the credentials of Grenade 50 Calibre and determine whether or not it is able to live up to the hype that surrounds it.

The first thing we’d like to say is pre workout supplements are the current ‘next big thing’ in supplements and the first thing you will notice is that they all claim to be better than the next.

But in fact when you get down to looking at the actual ingredients, you will see that a lot of them are almost identical. Using a pre workout supplement will not make or break your workout, but the extra energy kick comes in handy from time to time.

So today we look at this particular product and take into account both the positives and any potential side effects from using it.

As far as pre workout intensifiers go, 50 Cal is a good product. It does what it’s designed to do, which is get your body pumped up before hitting the gym. This is largely down to the whopping amount of caffeine per serving. It is so much that we recommend you begin on a half serving to test your body’s reaction before going full on.

Despite being designed for muscle building workouts, there are also several fat burning ingredients at play here behind the scenes. Green Tea Extract and Bitter Orange Peel, for example, may sound familiar already as they featured heavily in this company’s last product, known as Thermo Detonator.

There’s a few noteworthy side effects to take into consideration here, too. First and foremost you will notice you get a headache if you jump straight in with full servings because the product might be too strong for your body to handle initially. If this occurs knock it down to half-servings for a few days. An uneasy stomach can also occur but this happens with the majority of this type of product.

We would also like to mention the packaging which, while entertaining to look at once again, features a quite misleading claim about the number of servings in your tub. While it claims you receive 50 servings it does in fact mean 50% servings, i.e. half a scoop. If you take the full dosage you get 25 days worth in total.

Overall, Grenade .50 Calibre is a solid and research proven pre-workout supplement which does the job it sets out to do. Whether other products of this type can be deemed ‘better’ will ultimately be a game of opinion rather than fact for the reasons given above, but if you’re looking at this as a way to improve your workout performance it does stack up well.