The past year has been pretty intense on my side. Many projects have tormented my mind and I have to say that I worked hard to balance a lot of things in my life. However, since Monday, I’ve been on a vacation that would last for a full week! I’m going to relax myself in the company of my girlfriend and try to let go of the crazy life we all lead. And it will be good!

So as I start my vacation this week, I told myself that I could do a little article short and sweet this week. So I will share with you the main exercises that I use in fitness to make my clients succeed. I assure you, you do not need a bank of 500 years to get a solid shape. Believe me, these 6 exercises will make it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are my top 6


















split squat

Split squat (lunges)



Inverted Row (reverse push-ups)

Why do these exercises?
These exercises are extremely functional. What I mean by functional is that they promote your physical well-being. These exercises allow you to work muscles and improve your physical qualities that will be applicable in sports or just in your in life.

Why do a workout that promotes muscle adaptation only, when you can make it functional to work your muscle motor coordination or synchronization. You will notice that none of these exercises specifically works your abs. In fact, none of these exercises specifically works a muscle region. They apply to the whole body, thus promoting a complete neuromuscular stimulation for the whole body at once. The abdominal (core) is working in all these movements, otherwise the exercise can not be executed properly.

In short, it is important to remember from this article, you stimulate more muscle at a time, in the same movement, the more you stimulate the muscle hypertrophy ( muscle growth ). Moreover, the better your muscle mass,the faster your metabolism will be. All these exercises promotes theĀ  greater expenditure of your reserve energy, thus resulting in a decrease in your body fat percentage.

In this vein, whether for weight gain or weight loss, these exercises will help you get a solid shape!