Benefits of Our Favorite Tasty Smoothies

Have you ever tried to lose weight? It can be a struggle, and if you have been trying for a long time, frustrating especially when you don’t quite know what to eat in between your workouts. Everyone knows good eating habits combined with exercise give you the best results, and our list of smoothies is a surefire way to help you out. And we found out just the thing that makes them work. Read on if you would like to
know more. But if it’s the actual recipes for the smoothies that you’re looking for, you can find them here.

This list only extols the benefits you can get from the drinks and each its constituents.

  1. Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie

Combining Vitamin C, fiber, caffeine, protein and vitamins, this smoothie comes packing an all you can drink buffet of goodness. The protein powder serves to satiate you for a longer time, while the spinach gives off a generous helping of vitamins. Meanwhile, your metabolism is increased, and you get to be more alert with energy, thanks to the caffeine in the Matcha tea. All of this, you get with only 6 calories per cup.

  1. Detox Green Smoothie

Once you start to take this drink, you can begin to look forward to a boost in your metabolism. It can even go up to a 20% increase when ginger takes up center stage. Right beside it, the pear comes in with 5.5 grams of hunger punching power, bringing with it only 100 calories. Vitamin C isn’t left far behind, as it comes in from lemon and cucumber to round off your benefits.

  1. Watermelon Smoothie

Your teeth and bones will thank you for the calcium and vitamin D you can take away from the low-fat yogurt in this recipe. On top of that, the watermelon comes confidently gives up vitamins in the form of B-6, A, C, and thiamine. Plus, the water content is nothing to sneeze at. You won’t find yourself dehydrated here. A good 90% of the watermelon will prevent that. Besides, every 100g of watermelon only serves
up 30 calories.

  1. Pineapple-Banana Smoothie.

According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, the leptin hormone controls metabolism and appetite. You can see how this would affect your weight. The trouble is, inflammation can disrupt this message so that your brain does not register when you have had enough.

That’s where the pineapples come in, with their anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. On top of that, there is a lot of water in its makeup, which means you won’t get hungry quickly. Plus, the potassium and nutrient-rich bananas work in conjunction with the pineapple to that end.

  1. Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

In this recipe psyllium seed, flax seed oil, and soy protein team up to decrease your hunger. While they do that, the blueberries hit you every which way with Vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and phytochemicals. These not only add to your nutrient intake but also help you lose some of your belly fat as well. In the meantime, flax seed oil is doing a doubling up on the firepower with the regulation of sugar levels and increasing the fat burning. However, the most interesting part is, it has been taste-test approved. It is completely delicious, all day, every

  1. Spinach and Avocado Smoothie

Avocado fat is, for the most part, monounsaturated, which means that it helps lower bad cholesterol. That, and, it gives you nutrients, including fiber and potassium. Both the peanut butter and the avocado work together to reduce hunger pangs. Avocados also improve nutrient absorption. The spinach provides some roughage for your diet, a necessary addition that promotes dietary health.

  1. Apple-Strawberry Smoothie.

Apples are packed with so much, from fiber and polyphenols to antioxidants, like their blueberry counterparts. Plus, in this recipe, they work hand in hand with strawberries to fight off excessive hunger pangs to keep you undeniably satiated. In addition, there are a full two cups of spinach in there for extra nutrient contents.

The best part about this is all the smoothies are pretty easy to make and don’t contain particularly difficult to find foods. Alright! So, that is our list. Make good use of them. But remember; don’t just take these smoothies without a strategy. The best way to have them is with a solid diet plan and a pretty workable exercise plan as well. Everything adds up in the end. If you want to be healthy,
you need to do healthy things.