Most people who are trying to work out how to lose weight tend to get lost in the confusing world of bodybuilding supplements. If you have difficulty understanding which whey protein is best for your fitness goals, today’s article will reveal the three most important things to look for.

The principal purpose for using any food replacement product should be your overall fitness goals. If you are trying to shed some unwanted fat you need to be very careful about which type of product you use.

The industry is also filled with marketing hype, making it very hard for most people to get to grips with the facts on supplements. Most people get lost in the hype and don’t really know what to look for, wasting their hard earned cash on useless products they simply don’t need.


Learning what to look for makes things very easy. You may think the hype on a supplement looks great but once you learn how to decipher the ingredients with the 3 steps below you’ll find it much easier.

* If your goal is fat loss you should be looking for a supplement which primarily focuses on providing you with high protein and low carbs.

* Each protein shake will provide you with a certain number of grams of protein. Be sure to make note of this number because it’s very important.

* Look at the first ingredient on the packaging. If it’s hydrolyzed whey isolate then the product contains the fastest digesting form of whey on the market. This is also normally the most expensive form, followed by isolate and concentrate respectively.

When you learn to do the three items shown above you’ll find it much easier to compare products and determine whether a supplement is really as good as it claims to be on the packaging. The main group of people affected by these choices are ladies, scared to use a meal replacement shake in case it results in weight gain.

If you are worried a product is designed for bulking up as opposed to building lean muscle, you will need to have a quick look at the carbohydrate content. If a product is designed to help you get bigger it will be packed with carbs. Ideally, given that your goal here is losing fat and getting leaner, you want a shake which is quite low in carbs.

There are three main forms of whey on the market and knowing the difference between them will probably save you some money in the future. Concentrate is the original form, which digests the slowest and is normally the cheapest. Then comes isolate, which digests faster and costs a little more. Finally, hydrolized isolate is the most expensive blend which digests quicker than any other in it’s category.


Finally, a shake which provides you with twenty to thirty grams of protein is optimal for fat loss goals. Scientific studies show that we can’t use any more than this anyway, so it doesn’t make sense purchasing a product with a massive dosage in each shake you consume.

Achieving your goals in the gym is far easier once you are able to determine what you’re looking for. Now that you’re able to discover which whey protein is best, you’ll be able to learn how to lose weight more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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